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Music Unfolding releases GyroVibe and PhaseDelayArray

Music Unfolding

Music Unfolding has released GyroVibe and PhaseDelayArray, the first two plug-ins in the "Twister Series", a new line of Audio Unit effects for Mac OS X. The Twister Audio Units all have a single, large knob to control all parameters. Whether you need to make rough adjustments or fine tune a setting, the big knob takes the hassle out of using knobs on a software interface.

Gyrovibe is a classic vibrato chorus effect with a wide range of sounds. It introduces a new driven multi-stage filter and is designed to sound very smooth; when driven it yields a distortion with a "rich, buttery quality". Ideal for keyboards, especially for a cool 60's Hammond sound, it also produces a wide range of rich, full vibrato and chorus effects for guitar.

PhaseDelayArray has three effect units chained together.

  1. The first unit consists of a sequential array of vibrating (oscillating) reverberation sections. The oscillations can be tiny or huge. The reverb depth can be tiny or huge. The overall effect can be subtle or HUGE. And, it can create a pretty big range of sounds.
  2. The second section is a modulation effect. It takes the output of the PhaseDelays and whips it around, or up-and-down or back-and-forth.
  3. The final section is a feedback unit with the possibility of a lot of delay (up to 5 seconds). The mix section allows you to tap into all this strangeness in four different places.

GyroVibe and PhaseDelayArray are available as Universal Binary Audio Units for Mac OS X and cost $19.99 each.



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