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Music Unfolding releases F8-V2 v1.0

Music Unfolding

Music Unfolding has released F8-V2 v1.0, the successor to, the now discontinued, F8 Audio Unit.

F8-V2 is an Audio Unit effect plug-in with 8 LFOs and 8 time-varying amplitude modulators. It works by copying the audio input into 8 independent streams. Each LFO and sequence pattern is set independently. The filters are set as highpass, bandpass or lowpass. Each filter has a resonance and cut-off frequency control. The LFO applies to the cut-off frequency of the filter. The rate, phase, and depth are set independently for each filter. The "X" control applies to all 8 filters equally. If the value is greater than zero, the filters have a faster roll off. As "X" is increased, the resonance of the filters gets sharper.

An amplitude modulation pattern is applied independently to each stream. The amplitude modulation sequence patterns are drawn with easy-to-use editing tools based on Bezier curves, making it possible to custom design any amplitude envelope of any shape. The volume for each stream is set in the "mini-mixer." The streams can be set to apply to both stereo channels or as stereo-split. The tempo is set by the BPM control or synced to the Audio Unit host.

F8-V2 provides a massive arsenal of sounds, ranging from subtle and rich tremolos and wahs to over-the-top, novel effects. F8-V2 comes with over 200 presets organized by category.

F8-V2 is available as a Universal Binary AU effect plug-in for Mac OS X 10.4+ and it costs $35. A demo version is available.



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