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Music Unfolding releases SubRingFM and ModVibe

Music Unfolding

Music Unfolding has released SubRingFM and ModVibe, the ;latest additions to the "Twister Series".

SubRingFM is a ring modulator. It also has two filters for shaping the sound, plus a sub-octave generator. The oscillator can be manipulated using FM.

The effect runs through a pre-filter to the ring modulator to a post-filter and then into a sub-octave generator. You can use the pre-filter to reduce the number of harmonics in the input signal and use the post-filter to shape the resulting tone. The ring modulator oscillator is an FM oscillator, so the resulting output can be made to contain a very complex set of frequencies. This can then be shaped using the post-filter to get a really wide range of sounds. The sub-octave generator is then applied.

ModVibe is a delay vibrato with a couple of features to mix things up. There are two delay units - the first is a forward delay and the second is a feedback delay. In between these two is a modulation unit to scramble, shake, sift and swirl the contents. The vibrato oscillators are independently set and can be shaped using frequency modulation.

The vibrato units are fairly straightforward, except that the delay can range from a few milliseconds to 4500.0 ms. Between the two, that's a bit of delay. In addition, the vibrato can be up to 500.0 ms in depth. These two combined provide effects ranging from phaser/flanger and chorus to wild, extreme doppler shifts. The sweeps can be tailored to a high degree giving a lot of flexibility.

SubRingFM and ModVibe are available as Universal Binary AU effect plug-ins for Mac OS X and cost $19.99 each. Demo versions are available.



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