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Music Unfolding updates GyroVibe, PhaseDelayArray, hD, xEQ and M3

Music Unfolding

Music Unfolding has updated all plug-ins in their "Twister Series" to v1.1 - GyroVibe, PhaseDelayArray, hD and xEQ, and also released version 1.1 of M3.

The Twister Series updates features the following interface changes:

  • The parameter display and label colors can now be set by the user in the registration/preferences panel. The color settings will apply to all Twister AUs so that this only needs to be changed once.
  • There are now more options for setting parameter values. Parameter displays can be still be controlled with the big knob, but now the parameter settings can be adjusted by dragging and clicking on the parameter readout. Dragging vertically changes the value quickly and dragging horizontally changes the value slowly for finer control. The values can also be adjusted with a mouse scroll wheel by hovering over the parameter readout. Scrolling vertically gives faster change and if the mouse has horizontal scrolling capability (a Mighty Mouse, for example), horizontal scrolling changes the value slower for finer control. Double-clicking on the parameter readout allows for direct editing of the parameter value.

M3 changes:

  • Fixed an issue that only occurs when Music Unfolding F8-V2 is registered at the same time as M3. The registration panel would not update for the second AU being registered and required re-launching the AU host.
  • A bug in the EQ displays is fixed.
  • Some new presets have been added.


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