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ConcreteFX Vocal released + ProSounds for Adder & Micron


ConcreteFX have released Vocal, a Windows VSTi synth which can create a range of vocal and choral pad sounds using formant filters. Vocal can be purchased for 46 USD / 37 EUR / 25 GBP and demo is available for download.

  • Two five band formant filters, each with its own triple oscillator source which can use nine built in waves + two user ones. Also a tuned noise source for breathy sounds.
  • Each formant filter can use either six built in vowel sets or two user defined formant vowel sets.
  • Multi-mode filter, 12/24 db LP/HP/BP/BR.
  • Six envelopes, LFOs & step sequences which can control all the major parameters, using a simple modulation matrix, plus MIDI learning of controls.
  • Chorus, phaser, stereo delay, stereo widener, two-band equalizer and compressor.
  • 64 presets and full manual.

ConcreteFX have also introduced two new synthpacks:

  • SynthPack 4 - Dicer, Ethereal, Adder & Unison/Micron - £60/€90/$110.
  • SynthPack 5 - Adder, Digital, Brush, Unison/Micron & Vocal - £75/€112/$140

On a related note, ProSounds have announced their support for the ConcreteFX range of synthesizers with the release of The Adder Collection, plus a FreeSet for Micron.

The Adder Collection costs 19.95 EUR, contains four banks in ABK format (totaling 128 presets) and is divided into four parts (basses, leads, pads and soundFX). It also includes a new skin which is free to all users of Adder. A free demo bank is also available.

The Micron FreeSet 1 contains 64 presets for Micron.



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