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Numerical Audio updates Italizer Synth to v1.1.0 for iOS

Numerical Audio

Numerical Audio has updated Italizer to version 1.1.0 including various improvements and a dedicated AUv3 Tape Echo unit.

What's new:

  • Tape Echo can now be used as a separate AUv3 effect independently of the main instrument.
  • Added an option to toggle between 8x and no oversampling (saves CPU when using multiple AU instances or running on older hardware).
  • Double tapping any control will now reset it to it's default value rather than centering like before.
  • Improved Tempo Slider for more precise control.
  • Tweaked X/Y pad scaling for more precise control.
  • Increased max output volume.
  • Minor UI tweaks and polish.

Demos: youtu.be/DcplHvGvt1E



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