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Numerical Audio updates Volt Synth to v1.2 adding iPhone support and more

Numerical Audio

Numerical Audio has updated Volt to v1.2 adding a number of new features improvements and bug-fixes.

First and foremost, Volt is now universal and supports all devices starting with the iPhone SE. Additionally, iPad layouts have been also tweaked to better accommodate 10.5 and 12.9inch models and overall usability has been improved with more sensitive controls and realtime value readouts.

Next, the onscreen keyboard has received a makeover with a fresh new look, a new string style layout complete with scales, sensitivity controls, the ability to configure up to 6 stacked rows and a new fullscreen mode which is great for performing.

What's more, all layouts fully support MPE with glide, slide, velocity and pressure (on iPhones capable of 3d touch) making it 4d MPE compatible even without any hardware attached.

In addition, the 1.2 update adds support for multiple MIDI devices and channel settings making it possible to connect additional hardware such as breath-controllers or pedals when running in standalone mode.

Last but not least, the update includes a long list of bug-fixes addressing various issues including crashes related to audio hardware and preset changes as well as MIDI hardware and tempo sync.

Intro Offer

Volt is available at a 50% discount selling for $9.99 until May 16th before the price will increase to $19.99. The 1.2 update is available for free from the Apple App Store.

For more info head over to numericalaudio.com/volt

Full Release Notes:

  • Volt is now Universal and supports all iPhones starting with the iPhone SE.
  • Keyboard: next to classic/piano and the MPE/seaboard style layout a a third, string based layout is now available.
  • Keyboard: added support for scales (string layout only).
  • Keyboard: redesigned keys.
  • Keyboard: now supports velocity (mapped to y axis of a key).
  • Keyboard: now supports pressure (on iPhones capable of 3D touch).
  • Keyboard: now supports performance mode with larger keys (iPhone only).
  • Keyboard: added revamped settings including seaboard style sensitivity sliders for glide, slide, pressure and velocity.
  • Keyboard: added support for multiple rows.
  • Keyboard: performance mode with larger keys is not available on iPad as well.
  • Keyboard: fixed an issue with the MPE keyboard where slide and glide were sent on wrong channels resulting in unexpected MPE behaviour.
  • Keyboard: fixed key labeling which was offset by one octave.
  • Keyboard: changed the way bending/glide is handled.
  • Keyboard: added touch overlays for increased playability.
  • LINK: fixed an issue where manual BPM input would be ignored while LINK was active.
  • ARP: fixed sequencer mode (when latched, you can new enter as many notes as you like, repeats are possible as well).
  • ARP: fixed an issue where disabling the arpeggiator would not clear it's notes.
  • MIDI: Fixed poly aftertouch.
  • MIDI: added support for multiple inputs.
  • MIDI: when playing in unison mode, note priority now defaults to last-note.
  • MIDI: fixed an issue where MPE would not work properly in combination with note priority in mono/unison patches.
  • MIDI: added support for multiple input devices and channel.
  • DSP: Fixed an issue where LFO triangle output would be scaled up in tempo synced mode leading to unexpected behaviour in some cases.
  • DSP: App no longer crashes if the audio engine fails to start but displays an error message instead.
  • DSP: fixed an issue where changing patches could cause audio glitches.
  • DSP: fixed an issue where FM patches could crash the app in some cases.
  • DSP: Improved aliasing in FM patches.
  • DSP: Improved CPU usage.
  • DSP: Optimized memory footprint.
  • Presets: Fixed Preset Export.
  • Presets: Preset Export is now also available in AU mode.
  • UI: Fixed an issue where some knobs would behave oddly when near their min or max values.
  • UI: controls such as knobs and sliders now become less sensitive when moving further away from a control while dragging.
  • UI: controls such as knobs and sliders now use the upper right display for real time readouts.
  • UI: tweaked 10.5 and 12.9 inch layout.
  • UI: Keyboard and synth controls now remain accessible while favourites selector is visible.
  • UI: Standalone version now hides the iOS status-bar and displays it's own battery indicator instead.
  • Fixed an issue where loading FM patches could cause crashes in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where note priority would not respect legato setting.
  • Fixed an issue where changing patches while sustaining notes were active could produce audio glitches.
  • Fixed an issue where.
  • Fixed an issue where velocity applied to the mod envelope would not behave as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where switching from poly to unison mode while holding a note resulted in hanging notes.
  • Fixed a crash related to how note priority was handled.
  • Fixed an issue where attaching a different audio out device while active caused tempo changes to be ignored.
  • Fixed an an issue where the app may crash at startup.


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