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Numerical Sound releases "Universal Sordino" - brings the con sordino (muted) sound to any orchestral string library

Numerical Sound

Numerical Sound has released Universal Sordino, a new product designed to bring the con sordino (muted) sound to any orchestral string library or string recording. Universal Sordino is designed to be truly universal in application - as long as your recordings and/or sample libraries are separated by instrument or section (i.e. violins, violas, cellos or basses).

Separate Timbral Impulses for each string instrument (Violins I & II, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses) are available in 3 distance perspectives: Stage, Near and Far. Each Distance Perspective has 4 Tone Perspectives: Half Sordino, Bright, Normal and Dark. Each Tonal Perspective has 4 Tonal Weigh options for reducing the low end: Very Light, Light, Medium, Full and Deep.

Tonal Weight is essential for the aesthetic balance because string libraries often have stronger harmonic content in the lower register of each instrument due to close mic'ing techniques used in the original sampling session.

60 Timbral Impulses for each string instrument at both 44kHz and 48kHz for a total of 600 timbral impulses.

Numerical Sound's site posts two demos with many well known string libraries playing the same Grieg and Rachmaninoff passage. First the original legato take followed by the muted string version with Universal Sordino applied. The timbral impulses used in each example are listed.

Introductory Pricing till October 31st, 2014, is $69.95 List price is $89.95.

Universal Sordino requires a convolution plug-in to work.




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