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NUSofting updates Peti Harmonium/Accordion to v2.1 incl. 64-bit for Mac and Windows, AU and VST


NUSofting updated Peti, the Harmonium/Accordion plugin, to v2.1 which includes 64-bit versions for Mac OS X and Windows in AU and VST plugin formats.

Peti uses an hybrid FM/PM synthesis to emulate the sound of the bronze or brass reeds brought into vibration by hand moved bellows, just like in the accordion. The sound engine is flexible enough to simulate harmoniums of various size, accordions and even the melodica often heard in reggae dub music.

Peti plugins supports multiple MIDI learn and adjustable aftertouch sensitivity.

Celebrating 11 Years Of A Plugin On Sale

It was back in 2004 Peti Harmonium / Accordion VST was designed and produced by Luigi Felici. A few years later it was ported to Mac AU.

He says: "I didn't change anything in this virtual instrument for 11 years and many users through the years appreciated the warm and realistic sound of Peti (peTi means "small box" in Hindi language and it's one of the common name of the portable harmonium used in ragas, in India and Pakistan, it's a member of the family of Reed Organs)."

"Many musicians praised the authenticity and the ease of use of this small synth. One of them is Premik Tubbs"

Peti 64-bit is a free upgrade for all existing users, and for one month the old price at 48 US$ will not change, from 5th November 2015 price will change to 65 US$.

Changes in 2.1:

  • 64-bit compatibility.
  • Full source code review.
  • Small GUI changes.

Peti 2.1 is available as AU and VST, for Mac OS X and Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit, natively coded in C++. The GUI is still the small one, but they plan to make it larger in the next update.

Audio demos and info: nusofting.liqihsynth.com/peti.html

Buy or download Trial: nusofting.liqihsynth.com/download.html



Discussion: Active
12 December 2016 at 7:35pm

Hello, i wanted to query on peti harmonium
1. Is it just the VST or standalone version available?
2. Is it possible to do microtuning (not fine tuning) on the harmonium for playing just intonation or indian shrutis.

3. Is it lag free? Please pardon i dont know much about daws, I just want to play harmonium on my MIDI keyboard using indian shrutis, thanks! also please advice me other option if these feature are not available.

i tried posting this in forums and got spam alert.

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