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NUSofting Mother Ship Astrobelt v1.2 released


NUSofting has released v1.2 of Mother Ship Astrobelt VST Synth for Windows. Mother Ship replaces the previously released "Fat Machine" synth and registered users can sidegrade to Mother Ship for $9.90 USD. Mother Ship is available for purchase to new customers for $32.90 USD.

Mother Ship is designed to create cool, sweeping pads, but it is a powerful and flexible synth and is capable of a wide range of sounds from rich pads and otherworldly percussion, to trancey, morphing arpeggios and chemical bass lines.

An exclusive audio feature is the "pre DCF" output to the Delay Effect, Delay has its own multi mode filter, this way it's possible to combine two different filters outputs for many interesting effects.


  • 2 oscillators with pulse (+PWM modulation), triangle (+PW modulation), saw waveforms, High Quality generators, alias free at any samplerate from 22KHz to 96KHz, for full basses and the clearest high range, just like a real hardware synth.
  • Calibration of aliasing possible thru menu selection, for extra harmonic effects, available settings are:
    - Alias free
    - Some
    - Lots
    - Total
  • Detune for second oscillator : ±100 cents, ±12 semitones.
  • Sub oscillator triangle waveform.
  • Noise generator with variable band width.
  • 12 dB/octave resonant filter with soft saturation and cutoff keytracking, the filter can be configured as low pass, high pass or band pass.
  • 3 ADSR - 6 controls flexible exponential envelopes (AL AT DL DT SR RL), easy to use envelopes with big colored graphical display, 3 independent envelopes for Filter frequency, Pitch and Amplitude.
  • Random attack level switch for each envelope at each note on.
  • 3 velocity sensitivity controls for each envelope:
    - Velocity to attack level
    - Velocity to attack time
    - Velocity to decay level
  • Main velocity switch for each envelope. 5 velocity curves for keyboard performance selectable.
  • Unique delay effect filter controlled, it can delay low pass, high pass or band pass output independently from the filter configuration. Delay time is syncable to VST host.
  • 2 voices chorus effect, with delay1, delay2, rate, depth, dry/wet controls.
  • 1 LFO with 5 waveforms, sine, ramp up, ramp down, triangle, square
  • 5 LFO modulation destinations adjustable: Amplitude, Filter, Pitch , PW1, PW2
  • 3 independent amount modulation pages: normal, mod wheel controlled, aftertouch controlled LFO rate and delay controls independently syncable to VST host.
  • 5 switch to mute or bypass synthesizer main sections: oscillator 1 + sub, oscillator 2, noise generator, filter, LFO.
  • Master volume control max polyphony selectable from 4 to 64 voices.
  • Pitchbend range selectable from 0 to 12 semitones.
  • Non destructive preset manager with store, compare and recall functions.
  • Smart random generation for single preset or full bank, 128 new sounds with one click.
  • Compact 3D graphical interface with 4 switchable "colorize" effects.
  • MP3 examples.


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