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Discussion: Active
11 April 2023 at 11:17am

grrrrrrr, too bad you don't use paypal :/ ...cya.


11 April 2023 at 7:44pm

I apologize for such an inconvenience on my part. I just want to form up a sort of Gumroad users as it would be crazily time consuming to collect both lists from Gumroad and PayPal as I have just started and everything is actually not automated on my part, I do everything manually. So the best way is to "collect" registered users of Gumroad.

Again, I'm really sorry for this inconvenience. Soon, the bigger I grow, it'll be fixed.

12 April 2023 at 6:15pm

thx4answer...gumroad offer the paypal link with a bank account...

your stuff really appeals to me, but i don't have a credit card...cya.


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04 Apr 2023

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