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Orchestral Tools releases Rimba - Tuned Wooden Percussion for SINE Player

Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools has released Rimba, a library of tuned wooden percussion at the intersection of rhythm and melody.

Here's what they say:

Rimba is an eclectic cast of instruments with a majestic marimba in the starring role, plus an array of detailed processed patches. The star of the collection is undoubtedly an exceptional marimba, recorded in a variety of playing techniques and a variety of beaters. The supporting cast includes log drum, kalimba, bamboo chimes, and Jicara de Agua, also recorded in multiple playing techniques. Together with the processed pads and basses typical of the Creative Soundpacks range, this eclectic assemblage forms a coherent whole with an organic and elaborate sound.

Rimba offers a total of nine instruments: Marimba, log drum, kalimba, wooden toms, wooden boxes, wooden cylinders, bamboo chime, rainbirds, and Jicara de Agua. The instruments have up to six articulations and were recorded with two mic positions. The ten processed patches include pads, plucks, keys, and basses.

Like the rest of the Creative Soundpacks range, Rimba collates complementary instruments to create a unique sonic microcosm. And the specific combination of recording sources is bolstered by Frederik Theyssen's personal recording ethos—playing unusual instruments in unusual ways results in sounds that can trigger highly original ideas. Some of the sounds in Rimba are barely audible, but these sounds in particular can add unexpected nuance to tracks. Rimba can evoke a distant beach in summer, or an ancient dance. Among other styles, it's intended to be ideal for rhythmic musings a la Steve Reich, or adding an organic thump to electronica.

Introductory Price: €39 until July 7, 2021 (Reg. €49 + VAT).

Like all Creative Soundpacks, Rimba runs in Orchestral Tools' own SINE Player, which is available here.



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