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OSC Audio releases "sub808" Virtual Instrument Plug-in

OSC Audio

OSC Audio has released a new plug-in, sub808, designed to create bass sounds, specifically focusing on the iconic "808" sound heard in many music genres.

At its core, sub808 includes 50 Factory Presets, featuring 4 distinct flavors: Smooth, Tape, Gritty, and Nasty. Each flavor comes with its own unique analog character, providing excellent starting points for your creativity. Fine-tune these sounds to your liking with 8 Drive modes, offering precise control over drive and mix levels. Each of the 4 distinctive flavors were created using our warm analog chain with mastering-grade converters, meticulously designed to seamlessly allow itself to integrate into any track.

sub808 offers a variety of features to help users shape their basslines:

  • 50 Presets: These presets are categorized into four distinct styles: Smooth, Tape, Gritty, and Nasty. Each style offers a different sonic character to serve as a starting point for further customization.
  • Drive Modes: Eight different drive modes allow users to add varying levels of saturation and distortion to their bass sounds. This can range from subtle warmth to aggressive distortion. These include:
    • Classic - A hard-clipping saturation mode.
    • Legendary - Tahn wave-shaping (or soft-clipping) pushed to an extreme at high levels.
    • Crusher - A bit-crusher designed to give a warmer tone.
    • Unique - A non-linear wave shaping saturation.
    • Eighties - A recreation of a transistor based saturation.
    • Tube - A warm tube saturation.
    • Preamp - A reproduction of the type of saturation produced by a pre-amp section of most audio consoles.
    • Killer - A broken sounding, dying transistor.
    • Cassette - An emulation of a gritty tape cassette.
  • Filter Control: The filter section includes pre and post-saturation options for precise control over the tonal shaping of the sound. Additionally, a glide function allows for smooth pitch transitions between notes.
  • Envelope and Shaper: A dedicated envelope section controls the attack and release of the sound, while a transient shaper allows users to further refine the overall shape of the bassline, ranging from smooth pads to punchy kicks.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The plugin can be used on various computer operating systems, making it easy to switch between different devices during production or collaboration with other musicians.

Price: $9.99.




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