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OSC Audio updates BFM (Big F*ing Meters) to v1.6 - 50% off for a limited time

OSC Audio

OSC Audio has announced a new update for the BFM (Big F*ing Meters) Metering Suite, which includes features and optimizations inspired by user requests.

Here's what they have to say:

BFM or Big F*ing Meters is a macOS, Windows, and now iOS compatible Metering plug-in designed exactly how the name sounds... really f*ing big. With the main goal of readability, we wanted to bring a meter that you can see from across the studio and keep your records clip-free.

BFM currently offers 6 Modes with RMS, various LUFs, Peak, and Peak Hold values, to give you a variety of views to keep your signal under control. The Text, Bars, Waves, VU Meters, Spectrum, and Time let you decide how you want to keep track of your signal.

What's new in v1.6.0:

  • Additions for iOS app seamless compatibility.
  • New LED clip indicator for VU Meter page.
  • New focus option in TIME view to allow one view to take over full view. Click the values to put them in focus.
  • Bigger values in VU Meter page.
  • New LINK control for L/R in VU Meter.
  • New Waveform options. Stereo, or Mono.
  • New Text Crest Factor & True Peak values.
  • New Minimalistic version, Dark Mode, and Normal mode in the Settings.
  • New mouse-over value for Spectrum view.

Intro Price (50%): $4.99 (iOS) / $10 (Mac/PC) at oscaudio.gumroad.com/l/BFM/INTROPRICE

Full Price (MSRP): $9.99 (iOS) / $20 (Mac/PC).



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