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OSC Audio releases "spaceVerb" - Multi-mode Stereo Reverb Processor

OSC Audio

OSC Audio has released spaceVerb, a multi-mode stereo reverb module with 10 different spaces, each with their own unique sonic characteristic.

spaceVerb provides a broad spectrum of sounds to enhance your projects, whether you're after conventional reverb sounds like rooms and halls or unique spaces like a cave or mausoleum.

Uses can unlock the full sonic potential of each space with in-depth controls: Mix, Dampening, Ducking, Left/Right Repeats and Decay, plus three band EQ Section (Low, Mid, and High) and master controls (Master Volume & Pan).

All settings can be saved and loaded in your sessions as well as cross platform presets. All parameters offer automation control to get the most expressive sound.

Available Spaces:

  • Booth - Step into a professional-grade, intimate studio ambiance, meticulously designed for enhancing vocal clarity or introducing a subtle sense of space to your sound.
  • Guitar Room - Immerse yourself in a professionally crafted, close-quarters atmosphere, tailored to improve vocal clarity or infuse a subtle sense of space into your sound.
  • Drum Room - Experience the precision of a compact, intimate studio setting, ideal for refining vocal clarity or introducing a subtle sense of space into your sound.
  • Live Room - Drench your audio in the expansive atmosphere of a well-appointed studio space, tailored for accommodating intricate soundscapes and elevating your compositions.
  • Hall - Reveal an acoustically sound space, ideal for professional piano performances and sound experimentation.
  • Cathedral - Craft divine soundscapes suited for professional choral arrangements and ethereal compositions in a studio setting.
  • Mausoleum - A solemn and spacious mausoleum. Its marble-clad surroundings create a subtle, haunting ambiance.
  • Stairwell - Discover a less conventional space, where a multitude of reflections comes together to create a unique ambiance, gently guiding your sound to fresh and understated places.
  • Cave - Immerse your signal in the enigmatic, atmospheric character of a massive cave-like space, adding a unique depth to your projects.
  • Garage - Send our audio to a close-quarters space with highly reflective surfaces, offering a very distinct sound.

Price: $1.



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