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Patchpool releases Aureus Ventus for HALion 5


Patchpool (Simon Stockhausen) has released Aureus Ventus, its second library for Steinberg's hybrid sampler/granulator/synth HALion 5.

Aureus Ventus - Golden Wind - is a unique sound- and sample library which combines flute with all sorts of achromatic and chromatic percussion instruments like Hang percussion, various chimes (also glass chimes), glockenspiel, gongs, crotales, bells, singing bowls, some deep drums, break drums (steel break discs) and more.

The flute sounds for this library were created by using a special playing technique named Pars-Pro-Toto, invented by German flautist Andreas Mazur who also performed the samples used in Aureus Ventus. He found a method to create beautiful and expressive flute sounds by playing on the single parts of a conventional flute using special fingerings and embouchure techniques. This yields sounds somewhere in between a shakuhachi, an okarina, a viola and a voice.

Multi-sampled bass flute instruments, some vocal and string sounds and tempo-synced percussion loops are also be included in this library.

In addition to the above a wealth of electronic derivatives are designed to create a counterpoint to the acoustic sound worlds. Tonal soundscapes, ethereal tinkles, warm and ominous drones, minimal sequences, lush pads and other fascinating textures created with programs like Kaleidoscope, crusherX, Metasynth, GRM Tools, Serum and Zynaptiq's Morph are layered with the acoustic sounds to create expressive instruments.

The patches make use of HALion's granular engine, its deep sample player and the synth engine, often layering or splitting different synthesis forms in one patch with key-switchable articulations or sound-combinations and round robin alternations.

All of the 108 presets have the 8 Quick Controls and the Modulation Wheel assigned, many also use Aftertouch and/or HALion's Sphere-modulator, some make use of the FlexPhraser and Trigger Pads.

You can view/download the PDF for Aqualignum with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and detailed descriptions for each patch here.


  • 108 patches.
  • 3.99 GB of original samples (wav/48 kHz/24-bit/stereo).
  • Delivery: download.

Price: € 68.



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