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Physical Audio releases public beta of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb

Physical Audio

Physical Audio has released a public beta of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb. It uses advanced physical modelling synthesis to recreate the sound of a plate reverb without any delay networks or impulse responses.
As it is based purely on a mathematical model, the physical parameters of the system such as plate size, tension, and frequency dependent decay, can all be varied to give creative reverberation.


  • Variable plate size up to 3m x 2m.
  • Frequency dependent decay T60 times from 0.3 to 10 seconds.
  • Variable tension and material selection (steel, gold, silver, titanium, aluminium).
  • Input forcing position modulation.
  • Variable output pickup positions.
  • PreDelay and stereo width adjustment.

Price: Free.



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