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Physical Audio releases Modus (VST/AU/AAX) - Physical Modelling Synth

Physical Audio

Physical Audio has announced the release of Modus, a physical modelling synthesizer with a range of configurations including strings, bars and plates connected by springs or rattles. The synth also offers modulation, built-in effects, MPE-compatibility and more.

Modus mimics the way strings and plates behave, giving you several formulations of these elements to create three types of instruments: Strings, Plates and Strings-Plate. You control the relationship between these elements and their connections between each other, producing a range of dynamic overtones and textures depending on your chosen configuration.

Every element in Modus' true-to-life physical modelling engine reacts like it belongs to a real action in a real space. The entire chain reaction of sound production is recreated within the plugin, starting with the force that plucks or drives the instrument. Where you hit the strings and plates matters, as do the subtle tensions, interactive forces, and conductions of sound that follow.

Modus Features:

  • Generate sound from combinations of strings and plates.
  • 120+ Presets.
  • Connect resonant elements via springs or rattles.
  • Edit string Damping, Tone, Tuning, Mass Ratio and Stretch.
  • Edit plate Damping, Tone, Mass and Fundamental.
  • Customize pluck type (string) and driver response (plate).
  • Multi-Strike mode for repeating hits.
  • Dual LFOs, high and low shelf EQs, signal mixer.
  • Effects from low-pass ladder filter, Drive, Delay and Reverb.

  • Fully MPE-compatible.
  • VST3, Audio Units, AAX formats; Universal Binary for Intel and Apple Silicon.

Modus is available at an intro price of $69 (RRP $119) from physicalaudio.co.uk



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