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Pitch Innovations updates Fluid Chords to v1.0.4 - Includes a MIDI FX version and GUI Pitch Bend Wheel accessible via parameter

Pitch Innovations

Pitch Innovations had updated Fluid Chords to v1.0.4.

The update includes:

  • Bugfix: Windows installer did not install the program on the user specified installation path is fixed.
  • Windows: Factory Presets are stored on the user specified installation path.
  • Scanner: On Quick Scan, Scanner would ask for the paths to scan.
  • New MIDI FX version of Fluid Chords is now available - Logic users can use "Fluid Chords MFX" to use with Logic's inbuilt sounds.
  • Scanner: Added u-he's synths to auto enable list.
  • Scanner: If some plugins take a long time to scan on particular situation in a custom scan, the scanner would wait for it to finish.
  • Pitch Bend parameter is implemented:
    • Pitch Bend Parameter is linked with the GUI's wheel.
    • The Pitch Bend Parameter (when the value is changed) will take precedence over the MIDI's Pitch Bend messages.
  • Bugfix: Prevented empty chord trigger sending unneeded noteoffs.
  • Pitch Wheel GUI: Centres accurately (Mid as 8192).
  • Implemented MIDI Monitor Window: Alt + Right click the "Fluid Chords Logo" to view the "MIDI I/O" of the plugin.


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