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Purple Magic updates "The Orb - Ear Trainer" Interactive Voice Controlled Ear Training App for iOS to v1.06

Purple Magic

Purple Magic has updated The Orb - Ear Trainer, a comprehensive ear training app with an intuitive and streamlined interface for iOS, to v1.06. It's free for a limited time.

We haven't reported on this app before, so here's what they say:

It offers three modes of gamified training and a Musician's Assistant tool that aids deep analysis and transcription of melodies and harmonies using touch and voice.

An accurate and flexible pitch recognition algorithm has been developed to allow an immersive experience and caters to beginners and advanced musicians alike. The graphical layout has been designed for minimum distraction and maximum listening focus.

The Orb's non-classical training approach focuses on listening and quality of intervals, bypassing the need of understanding musical notation.

Musician's Assistant and trackable level progress have been integrated to help music teachers quickly improve students' listening ability.

Three different modes allow you to train anywhere, on a bus, train, in a park or even while taking the bath.

Three Game Modes

Touch Mode:

  • interval test interface where the user taps on the correct answer.
  • ascending, descending, simultaneous, and mixed modes.

Sing Mode:

  • interval test interface where the user sings the correct answer.
  • ascending, descending ad mixed modes.
  • user friendly pitch detection algorithm.
  • customisable vocal range.

Link Mode:

  • links Sing Mode and Touch Mode.

Musician's Assistant:

  • feedback of current note/interval on mic input.
  • settable key.
  • select between interval and note display.
  • Customisable Ear Training Treadmill.
  • select intervals you would like to practice.
  • no time constraints.

Other features:

  • HD graphics.
  • particle animations, explosions and more.
  • user friendly level structure to incrementally increase your ability.
  • configurable pitch range settings.
  • configurable difficulty settings.

Free for limited time only

The Orb is available for iPhone and iPad, supporting iOS 7.1 and above and currently is available at the AppStore.




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