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Reflekt Audio releases Sound Widgets - "The Dollar Line Plugins"

Reflekt Audio

Reflekt Audio has announced a new dollar line up called Sound Widgets.

Sound Widgets is a small plugin that offers loads of unique hand recorded, multi mic'd, sounds ranging from live room claps, stair stomps, heavy door hits, metallic plates, marble rolls, tongue flicks, lighters, and everything else that contains musical value. See a full list of the Sound Widgets expanded sounds here.

The Sound Widgets plugin needed to run the sounds is free to download and each sound widget is $1.50.

Reflekt Audio say "Each sound you purchase will contain 1 unique hand recorded sound using a variety of methods ranging from utilizing multiple microphones, to hand recorded real world object field recordings."

"Each widget is velocity sensitive for great expression and dynamics, We are making everything into a Sound Widget expansion. We record sounds in a way where when the sound is played it actually cycles through a series of the selected sound never playing the same sample twice, giving the sound and play a human like sound and feel. This is called Round Robins, OH yea you can also select different round robin types too."

"This approach delivers some unique and amazing results and the sounds can be used for just about any genre you play whether you play live music or make beats, there is surely sounds within the Sound Widgets sound library for you to use time and time again."

The user can also control some essential effects with the onboard interface such as the release time, reverb, microphone output levels, filter and selection types.


  • 100% Royalty Free.
  • Zipped Main File Size: 16.1 MB.
  • Unzipped Main File Size: 18.1 MB.
  • Round Robin Based Widgets.
  • Windows/Mac Compatible.
  • Onboard Effects Varies From Sound To Sound*.
  • Volume.
  • Reverb.
  • Envelope Release.
  • Filter w/Selection Type.
  • Glide w/Selection Type.
  • Round Robin Selection Type.
  • Works In Most D.A.W.S.
  • (Excluding Pro Tools).
  • Try the Sound Gadgets plugin 100% Free.

Sound Widget Price: $1.50 Per Sound Widget. Reflekt Audio aim to release new sounds weekly or monthly.

Demonstration Videos:






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