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Reflekt Audio

I design intuitive software plugins and various types of audio production packs for innovative minds.
•VST Plugins
•Sample Packs.


Products by Reflekt Audio

Latest reviews of Reflekt Audio products

Xylo Wood
Reviewed By elviecho
April 27, 2021

For my opinion one of the best xylophone plugins you can find, and that for free!
The sound is crisp clear and authentic and it has a nice interface too.
Thanks to the developer.

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Reviewed By elviecho
February 9, 2021

Pretty useless like the most Reflekt Plugins.
Don't understand me wrong, these plugins are made well, most have a nice GUI and the sound is good.
But x romplers for a handful of sounds, that can be done with a good synth too. Why?

And by the way, I wonder if any plugin exists that SumnSumnSumn dont give 5 stars. Ridicoulous.

Response to @Elviecho.

From the start of the Reflekt plugin journey you have always had nothing but negativity to send this way and from the last comment you have made it seems as though you do this often, besides whomever you deem worthy in your eyes, hence coming at Sumn Sumn for literally nothing.

Also I have tried to take some time to dive into your creative side to travel sonically and listen to some of your music but nothing is linked or available for listening, no surprise there.

With that being said some people will find use in what we and I create and some people such as yourself won't.

You know what? Thats ok.

I think it becomes wrong when your opinion starts bashing others personally as you have done in this comment.

Free plugins should not make anyone feel that compelled to behave like that, like ever.

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Bottle Pop
Reviewed By maz22
January 1, 2021

I'm a sucker for plugins that specialize in one sound or just a few sounds, so of course I had to check out Bottle Pop. I don't think the blowing noise really sounds much like blowing into a bottle, but it is actually a really cool and usable sound. I think it actually sounds quite lovely, especially when you turn the reverb up, or use your DAW's reverb. The other sounds I guess are supposed to be the tapping on a bottle. These are useful as well.

I give it a solid 4 for the quirky GUI and for the nice blowing sound.

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Reviewed By SumnSumnSumn
December 14, 2020

Another solid free plugin option from Reflekt Audio. I completed a review and demo on this. You can find it here. https://youtu.be/1lNs1B-VcWM

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Reviewed By SumnSumnSumn
October 18, 2020

Pretty solid sounds out of this plugin. I completed a review and demo on this. You can find it here. https://youtu.be/CxGLtf_YWRA

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Reviewed By SumnSumnSumn
September 1, 2020

Another solid free plugin from the good people over at Reflekt Audio. I completed a review on this product. You can find it here. https://youtu.be/OBm07zZ3ONI

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Bottle Pop
Reviewed By mixyguy2
August 17, 2020

Nice idea, but based on the demo doesn't sound at all like the sounds from blowing on the top of en empty glass bottle. I say "based on the demo" because their site is all screwed up it didn't even give me a download option after I went to cart.

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Reviewed By SumnSumnSumn
July 27, 2020

This is a pretty solid plugin imo. I completed a review on it. You can find the review here.


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