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reFX updates Nexus to v1.1.0


reFX has updated Nexus to v1.1.0.

What's new in 1.1.0?


  • Previous/Next buttons have been added to aid in preset-browsing.
  • New modulation "velocity->volume" added to the mod-page.
  • Mouse highlights most controls now.
  • The filter-type and slope, the delay- and the reverb-type can now be selected directly with the mouse instead of cycling through them.
  • When the Master-Filter, Delay or Reverb are switched to "global off" with their context menu, their controls are dimmed now.


  • The maximum voice limit has been raised to 128.
  • MIDI CC#7 doesn't change the volume-knob anymore as it was confusing for most users.
  • Removed the "Restore Factory Presets" button on the rear. It was replaced with an expansion. All presets have two letter prefixes now which designate their respective categories.
  • The search-category has a new criterion ("-"). When used only those presets which begin with the search string are listed. This feature is enabled by default when the search string contains less than three characters.


  • The "Vengeance" skin was crashing with certain setups. This was a bug in NEXUS itself that has been fixed now.
  • The category/preset list wasn't always refreshed properly when removing presets from the file-system (Explorer/Finder) leading to "ghost" entries that couldn't be loaded.
  • The "AT+/-AT" modulation sources didn't work in the mod-matrix.
  • NEXUS wasn't recognized as a VST plug-in on the PowerPC Mac.
  • Progress bar during load/import didn't work on the Mac.


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