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reFX updates Vanguard (v1.5) and Slayer (v2.5.3)


reFX has updated Vanguard to v1.5 and Slayer to v2.5.3.

What's New in Vanguard 1.5:

  • Fatness voices (vcs) determines how many voices are used for the fatness effect. Starting with a mere two (default) going all the way up to ten.
  • Use the right mouse-button in the trancegate section to open a context menu which features copy, paste and several choice presets. The copy'n'paste even works across instances.
  • Fixed the untriggered (global) LFO running at the wrong speed problem. Also the global LFO3 now doesn't sync to global LFO2 anymore.
What's New in Slayer 2.5.3:
  • Improved Powerchords so no overlaps of notes can happen anymore. Sounds a lot cleaner, meaner and overall more realistic.
  • The Humanise feature has been expanded a bit. Now it also adds small random-values to the incoming velocity. Great if you e.g. use the Dynamics parameter or the Velocity->Damping feature.
  • Fixed the "ModWheel -> damping" behaviour. It was broken and wrapped around to anguishing levels.


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