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Rhodes releases V-Pan Plugin - Free until end of January 2024


Rhodes Music has introduced the V-Pan plug-in, featuring the Vari-Pan section from V-RACK, Rhodes' multi-effects plug-in, as a dedicated module, saying:

V-Pan is an innovation that pays homage to the iconic 'vibrato' stereo panning effect introduced in the 1970s on the suitcase piano. The V-Pan authentically emulates the iconic Vari-pan section found on the Rhodes MK8 flagship piano, seamlessly infusing analogue warmth into your digital audio workstation.

Key Features:

  • Directly modeled from the distinctive Rhodes MK8 hardware Vari-Pan circuit.
  • Equipped with precision Left/Right panning LED indicators.
  • Variable rate, ranging from super-slow to audio rates, allowing for versatile synth and ring mod-like effects.
  • Deep depth control for nuanced sound manipulation.
  • Provides a clear parameter value readout for precise adjustments.
  • Includes Waveform Slew and Smooth controls, enabling further customization of the panning waveshape.
  • Seamlessly integrates BPM sync functionality for synchronized and rhythmic effects.

The V-Pan plug-in will be available for free until January 31st, 2024, then pricing will be: £29.95 / €34.95 / $39.95.



Discussion: Active
18 December 2023 at 8:53pm

FREE?.. sure, give them your name, address, phone number, email, sign up for spam, make an account, download half a gigabyte for a pan plugin!, install codemeter, install some other rando crap... ta da...

fuck off.

19 December 2023 at 6:53pm

Wasnt even free. It was more than 39.95! It was over 40 dollars.

20 December 2023 at 8:48pm

Serial number didn't work and on top of all the crap that sqigls mentions, it dumped a V-card into my contact list. I wrote them a request to completely remove me from their database and mailing lists. They responded by apologizing and agreeing to my request. Good f**king riddance.

8 January 2024 at 7:53pm

yeah the spyware codemeter & other crap is really the main reason to never install a Rhodes product.

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