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Cableguys release ShaperBox 3.5 "Analog Warmth" update, launch Winter Sale


Cableguys have released ShaperBox 3.5, an update focused on analog-style features and enhancements, and launched their Winter Sale on ShaperBox.

First, the DriveShaper distortion module gets the Smooth Clip distortion algorithm from Cableguys' standalone FilterShaper XL plugin, designed to "bring the heat to your sounds."

FilterShaper Core has also been updated with features and algorithms first seen on FilterShaper XL. The Warm filters now have control over Resonance Distortion inside the filter circuit, "like a real analog filter pushed to the limit". This is said to be ideal for controlling squealing resonances and achieving warmer textures.

There is also a new Hard Dist option, enabling hard clipping in the resonance circuit, for a more aggressive sound.

The new Safe Res option can be turned off to unlock filter self-oscillation, allowing the filter to be used like an oscillator – useful for warped basses, electro kicks, whistling leads, or modular-style FX.

Finally, the 3.5 update adds an animated filter response curve, making it easier to see the modulation in real time.

Changes in ShaperBox 3.5:

  • New: Smooth Clip distortion style in DriveShaper.

  • New: Dist slider to adjust internal resonance distortion in FilterShaper Core's Warm filters.

  • New: Hard internal resonance clipping option for FilterShaper Core's Warm filters.

  • New: Safe Res option for FilterShaper Core's Warm filters. When disabled, these filters can self-oscillate.

  • New: Animated filter response visualisation in FilterShaper Core.

  • Improved: Smoother slider response when adjusting ReverbShaper's Decay and Size.

ShaperBox 3.5 is a free update for all existing users. Log in to download at www.cableguys.com





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