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Rigid Audio has announced Kontakt GUI Maker, a WYSIWYG editor for the quick creation of user interfaces for developers designing libraries / instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler.

Kontakt GUI Maker is still in development and scheduled to be released on the 1st of October 2016.

Planned features for the initial release:

  • Adding ui_sliders, ui_knobs, ui_menus and ui_tables via buttons.
  • Assigning basic operations to UI elements.
  • Assigning pre-made functions to UI elements.
  • Basic included operations like set_volume, change_pan and ADSR engine parameters.
  • Import of PNG image strips. If a *.TXT file exists for that particular image, the contents will be read and used/displayed accordingly.
  • Editing of UI properties like name, picture-file, no. of images, width, height, mouse, automation name/allow, help text, min, max and default values.
  • On screen positioning and arranging of UI elements.
  • On screen image animation preview using the mousewheel.
  • Drag and drop ui_elements from a central library.
  • Customizable on_init block.
  • Customizable on_ui_control blocks.
  • Locking of UI objects in the editor.
  • Support for ui_offset (for different wallpaper backgrounds).
  • Support for UI tables with custom width, height, range and colours. resizable on screen, set_table_steps_shown ().
  • Message output.
  • Control over make_persistent, read_persistent_var.
  • Support for text input fields and ui_labels.
  • User expandable script library.
  • One-click Kontakt-compatible script generation. (Incl. Auto-Update).

Kontakt GUI Maker will retail for $99.99 and can be pre-ordered for $49.99 until the official release.

More information: www.rigid-audio.com/products_kontakt_gui_maker.html



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