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Roland releases JX-3P Plug-Out for SYSTEM-8 (+New Step Loop Function for TR-8S)


Roland has updated SYSTEM-8 to v1.30, which includes the long-awaited JX-3P Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer PLUG-OUT.

Like the JUNO-106, The JX-3P has a classic Roland DCO polyphonic architecture, reimagined with the newest ACB technology.

Download: SYSTEM-8 ver.1.30 Updater

SYSTEM-8 Update history

1.30 August 2018:

  • JX-3P PLUG-OUT is preloaded onto the [ PLUG-OUT 3 ] button.
    • Loading the JX-3P plug-out requires a factory reset after updating. Follow the procedure in "Updating the Tone Data" to select the target item for the factory reset ("ALL" or "PLUG-OUT 3") and execute the factory reset.
    • If a different plug-out exists at the [ PLUG-OUT 3 ] button, removing the plug-out and reselecting [ PLUG-OUT 3 ] loads the JX-3P plug-out. For information on how to remove a plug-out, go to the [ Owner's Manual ] and refer to "SYSTEM-8 Reference Manual -- Removing a PLUG-OUT (PLUG-OUT REMOVE).".
  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • When importing a patch, a different is sometimes imported.
    • Other minor bugs.

1.20 June 2018:

  • Two types of variations were added to the oscillator (FM x 2).
  • Five types of variations were added to the filters (JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, Formant x 2, Harmonics).
  • An overdub mode was added to the step sequencer.
  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • Performances sometimes fail to be saved correctly.
    • Other minor bugs.

In other news, the new sequencer function, Step Loop, has been added to TR-8S. Step Loop has been implemented for ultimate live pattern improvisation. Play only the steps you want within the pattern for tight, controllable fills or wild, extreme glitches. The ever-steady, performance-ready TR-8S takes a dramatic evolved step forward with Step Loop. This function is available for TR-8 as well.




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