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Roland updates Roland Cloud Audio Unit VIs - Native support for Apple silicon


Roland has updated 28 of its AU software musical instruments managed via Roland Cloud with native support for Apple silicon. They comment:

Thanks to the inherent gains of the Apple architecture along with native support now available from Roland, musicians and producers can use more Roland instruments on more affordable devices than ever before.

Native support for Apple silicon is another example of Roland's commitment to leveraging the latest developments in computing to bring authentic, iconic sound to musicians and producers at every level. Building on nearly fifty years of synthesizer research and development, Roland uses deep circuit modeling and other advanced techniques to create inspiring new designs and to perfectly recreate the sound of legendary hardware instruments like the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine and the JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106 keyboard synthesizers.

While the resulting sound and behavior is detailed and lifelike, it requires more processing power than some previous technologies, which focused more on efficiency than sound quality. When using software instruments that favor authentic sound and behavior, gains in computer performance are vitally important, especially to those just starting out that may not have powerful workstation computers.

Roland instruments now updated with native support for Apple silicon include:




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