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Ryaudio releases "Sample Librarian" for Windows


Ryaudio has released Sample Librarian, a new tool for managing audio samples and sample CDs. It is specifically designed to search and audition large collections of sample files. Once the sounds are found they can be drag-and-dropped directly into a DAW.

Key features:

  • Add any number (even many thousands) of sample files (WAV, AIFF, MP3, REX, etc.) and be able to search the library extremely quickly in a variety of different ways.
  • Find samples "lightning fast" across the entire library; quickly find and audition all "moog" or "TB-303" samples irrespective of what sample CD they came from or where on the hard drive they exist. Find all samples of a given file type, bit depth, sample rate (or combination thereof) and many more options.
  • Create "Groups" of samples even though they are scattered across various sample CDs. The original files remain where they are, but any number of new relationships can be created to help organize the samples.
  • Create "Smart Groups" that organize samples automatically based upon dynamically defined rules (e.g. Rating >= 4 AND Bit Depth >= 24bit AND Comment includes "analog").
  • Quickly add a "4 star" or "5 star" rating and a comment ("This would be perfect for a bouncy house groove").

Price: €40.

Format: Windows stand-alone.



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