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RYAudio updates Sample Librarian to version 1.1


RYAudio has updated Sample Librarian to version 1.1.

Features and enhancements:

  • New: Tolerance and handling of unsupported files has now been significantly improved. Additionally, a report is now shown after sample import if any sample files could not be imported, detailing why they could not be processed (corrupt WAV file, etc.).
  • New: You can now speed up scans for new samples significantly by only rescanning from a given folder. Click on a folder in the Library Navigator's "Locations" tree and choose "File...Rescan from selected folder", or right-click on a folder or the sample list (if currently viewing the contents of a folder) and choose "Rescan from here".
  • New: You can now specify (in Tools...Options) a custom sample editor to use for the "Launch associated editor" function, rather than using the Windows default file associations.
  • Fixed: Waveform rendering issue on certain Windows XP machines (white bar appearing through middle of waveform).
  • Fixed: Resizing the sample preview pane sometimes resulted in the waveform being incorrectly drawn.
  • Fixed: When launching an external audio editor to edit a sample you were unable to re-save the file as it was locked by Sample Librarian. Before launching the audio editor Sample Librarian now stops playback and releases the file.
  • Fixed: Samples where the filename includes a period (.) before the final period and extension (e.g. Extra.Period.wav) were not being imported.
  • Fixed: Sample files of only 1 sample in length caused a problem with waveform preview.
  • Fixed: If you added a root drive (e.g. "C:\") to your list of folders to scan (not recommended!) any samples in that root directory would not appear in the sample list when the drive letter was clicked in the library navigator (although they could still be found via search or clicking "All from here" at the top level of the library).
  • Fixed: When the sample list loses focus (e.g. if you click into the search box) it was difficult to see which sample was previously selected. The selection colors have now been changed to make this more obvious.


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