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RYAudio updates Sample Librarian to v1.4


RYAudio has updated Sample Librarian to version 1.4.

Sample Librarian is a tool for managing audio samples and sample CDs. It is specifically designed to search and audition large collections of sample files. Once the sounds are found they can be drag-and-dropped directly into a DAW.

New features and enhancements:

  • New: The current playback position is now displayed as a line on the sample waveform preview.
  • New: It is now possible to click a position within the waveform preview window or on the timeline marker below the waveform to change the playback position. If the sample is not currently playing it will start playing when you click. This is particularly useful when previewing long samples and you wish to jump to different parts of the sample.
  • New: You can now specify whether text searches look for matches across all text columns (which was the behaviour prior to this release) or just in the name, path or comment columns. This setting is selected via a drop-down list next to the search text box on the toolbar, and is saved across sessions.
  • New: The new Navigation Bar, located directly above the Sample List, provides a number of useful features for moving around your sample folders. Your current location is displayed, and you can click on any of the individual folder names along that path to jump back up the hierarchy in one step. There are also back/forward buttons to navigate backwards and forwards through your browsing history.
  • New: A new "Tempo" folder has been added to the "Format" folder in the Library Navigator, allowing you to browse files by their time signature (BPM).
  • New: You can now create Smart Group rules based on a sample's Tempo (useful for ReCycle/REX files or for WAV files that contain ACID info).
  • New: Any location within the library folder hierarchy can now be added to a list of bookmarks which appear in the main menu and also in the toolbar. The first ten bookmarks are also accessible via keyboard shortcuts (ALT+1 to ALT+0). Bookmarks are especially useful when working in the 'Mini Mode' view, where the Library Navigator pane is unavailable.
  • New: There are new menu and toolbar options to enable looped playback of samples. You can also toggle this setting using the CTRL+L keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed: An error could occur if the waveform preview pane was resized so that the waveform was no longer visible.
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash during the scan process when encountering ACID files with missing tempo information.
  • Fixed: The "Sample rate" folder in the Library Navigator previously contained folders for any sample rate found in the library, however this could lead to the creation of many folders as sample rates for some file formats can be variable. This folder now contains a smaller selection of ranged sample rates (Below 11 kHz, 11 kHz - 22.1 kHz, etc.).


Discussion: Active
14 June 2013 at 3:32pm

Still this software is not able to match multiple tags, in other words, you can have it display all "Electro" samples or all "Fat" samples, but not all "Electro" AND "Fat" samples at the same time. This makes this software utterly useless for the task of sample library management.

In addition the search function is unable to match strings out of sequence the way Winamp does, so, for example:

"ectro 00 ck ki ele .wa" would match "Kick 002 Electro.wav" in Winamp, but not in Sample Librarian.

Furthermore, you have to hit Enter to run the search. People prefer search-as-you-type, another thing that Winamp does very well.

I suggested this to the developer after the v1.2 release, I wonder if it's all in the works. The program has great potential and the GUI is looking sleek, but the required functionality is just not there.

24 July 2013 at 6:36pm

I'd surprised to find a sample organizer that has more features than this one does, on pc anyway.

24 July 2013 at 9:35pm

REAPER's built in media browser comes to mind, it certainly has more powerful search features.

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