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Sjoerd van Kreel updates Firefly Synth to v1.7.3 - Automation bugfix


Sjoerd van Kreel has updated the free Firefly Synth to 1.7.3. It is a major fix - automation data had stopped working on Bitwig and FL Studio.

The changelog includes:

  • Swapped envelope sustain and smoothing in the GUI.
  • Bugfix: Shrunk FX title size to fit on mac.
  • Bugfix: Do not store plugin settings directly under Linux user home folder.
  • Bugfix: internal block splitting did not respect sample accurate automation.
  • Bugfix: automation changes were reported back to the host, which caused automation to stop working entirely in Bitwig and FL Studio.
  • Updated dependencies to latest (JUCE, VST3, CLAP).
  • Bugfix: the windows .zip archives are now actually .zip archives, not zipped .tar files.
  • Breaking change: reduced max oversampling to 4x to cut down on memory usage.
  • Breaking change: reduced max voice count from 128 to 64 (more memory cut down). Global unison voices also come out of the 64 available.
  • Split up internal processing into multiple fixed size buffers to not have memory usage dependent on the host buffer size. This costs a bit of CPU, hopefully not too bad.


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