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Sjoerd van Kreel updates Firefly Synth to v1.7.1


Sjoerd van Kreel has updated the free Firefly Synth to 1.7.1 with major layout changes from 1.6.1.

The changelog includes:

  • Changed built-in themes (and dropped some).
  • Rearranged the GUI to have elements more aligned.
  • Changed default distortion mode to plain tanh clipper.
  • Renamed distortion skew in/out to x/y to align with LFO.
  • Add additional global aux parameter just to fit the GUI.
  • Bugfix: disable envelope trigger for polyphonic mode.
  • Bugfix: disable global unison parameters when voice count is 1.
  • Bugfix + breaking change: when global unison is enabled voices are attenuated by sqrt(voice-count).


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