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SonicBirth v1.1 released


SonicBirth version 1.1 is now available.


  • New Keyboard Tap argument.
  • New BPM counter element.
  • New Oscilloscope element.
  • New Equation element.
  • New math elements: Log10, RevSqrt, NearInt, Atan2, SinCos.
  • New fast filters elements.
  • Fixed some display glitches.
  • Fixed two feedback bugs, feedback delay is now 10 ms as it should (due to a mistake, the delay was around 100 ms).
  • Fixed a few dead lock bugs.
  • Fixed a bug in the AudioUnit (MIDI) wrapper.
  • Fixed a bug in the feedback comb.
  • Fixed a bug in the indexed argument when used in a vst plugin with no custom GUI.
  • Fixed a bug concerning subcircuits connections.
  • Fixed a bug in custom GUIs regarding keyboard events.
  • 4x speed increase for circuit drawing.
  • Basic undo/redo.
  • Quick plugin export and install.
  • Added lasso selection.
  • Added cpu usage indication.
  • Added an element list panel.
  • Floating panels now remember if they were open.
  • Ability to edit values directly in the circuit.
  • Installer checks system requirements and only delete incompatible or packaged plugins.
  • XYPad vertical value is now bottom to top.
  • Whole number only option for sliders.
  • Support for bitmaps for sliders.
  • Optimized most mathematic operations, leading to a great speed improvement.
  • The debug element no longer has an output, as it was no longer required (earlier documents will be automatically rewired).
  • Automatic trimming of debug elements in exported plugins.


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