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sonicLAB releases Cosmosf v4 and v4S


sonicLAB has announced the release of Cosmosf v4/v4S, a total recoding and design of the advanced stochastic synthesiser with many improvements and new features.

Below is a list about the main aspects.

User interface:

  • rewritten with custom API and in latest OpenGL ES standards for performance quality.
  • editable sliders, skew factors on frequency related sliders.
  • OSC port directly editable on the main panel (Cosmosf v4S only).
  • LineGen visuals express the dual universes with colour differences.

Synthesis engine:

  • new hybrid oscillator called sawtooth-triangle-sine with balance modulation.
  • new plucked synthesis oscillator with different types and can be modulated as well.
  • A circular RMS visual output represents the event levels in real time with colour intensity.

Morphing engine:

  • The preset morphing engine is much simpler to use, CPU friendly working on audio rate.
  • Heterogeneous mode is discarded, one simply hear a single preset at a time.

More LineGens and LFOs:

  • There is 1 more LineGen and LFO dedicated for each micro event and meso event. Likewise one can modulate the new synthesis features sawtooth oscillator morph balance and plucked synthesis type with them.
  • The modulation behaviour, hence the combination of LineGen + LFO and the relevant parameter slider on a particular destination are changed and explained on the manual.

Modified surround engine:

  • It represents 4chns and 6chns output vbab panning with revised control engine. (on Cosmosƒ v4S only).
  • One can generate the spatial distribution of the meso events with mathematical curve functions or stochastic functions on the 2D plane.
  • One can also edit the radius and azimuth parameters precisely for each meso event.
  • The elevation projection (3D hemisphere spatialisation) will be available in the upcoming Cosmosƒ 4SX ambisonic version with 8chs and 16chns realtime output support.

General remarks:

  • OSC and surround sound is supported only on Cosmosf v4S.
  • You cannot use your old presets with these new versions.
  • All users of Cosmosƒ vSaturn are eligible to receive their free copies.

Pricing & Availability

Cosmosf v4 costs 129€ and Cosmosf v4S costs 169€. The purchase of Cosmosf v4S includes the Cosmosf FX plugin.

A minimum 4GB OS X or Windows computer is needed with i7 processor. Cosmosf plugins come in 64-bit format as AU/VST compatible with OS X and Windows systems.





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