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Sound Magic has released Neo Reverb Standard Version 2.1, which is a major update of Neo Reverb 1.0 version.

Major Changes Since Version 1.4:

  • Add 64-bit Version and Audio unit Support.
  • Improved CPU usage with new algorithm.
  • A new designed and user friendly GUI.

Sound Magic says:

Neo Reverb is a Hybrid Convolution and Algorithm Reverb which combines both advantages of Convolution Reverb and Algorithm Reverb. It is commonly considered that convolution reverb sounds best and realistic, but has a static sound. While Algorithm Reverb sounds live and dynamic, but lacks the realistic of the convolution reverb. Combining the advantages of both has remained a dream until Sound Magic presents Neo Reverb. By converting the True Stereo IRs of specific spaces to Algorithms, Sound Magic is able to open a new door for digital reverb with the birth of Neo Reverb.

Sound Magic has spent years finding what a good Reverb is. After analyzing several famous reverb units, including lexicon 480L and 960L, Bricasti M7 and TC system 6000, they concluded a good Reverb should have three critical characteristics, Clean, Clear and Open sound:

  • Clean means the reverb should color the original sound in a minimum amount.
  • Clear means the reverb should generate a rich and realistic reverb/space feeling.
  • Open sound means the sound should not sound like in a box or a tiny space, it should have a big, open sound field.

Sound Magic says Neo Reverb features "an open, big, dense, clean and clear sound".

Intro Price: $69 until Sep 19th, 2020 (Reg. $169).

Sound Magic has also announced the Neo Reverb Week Sale Event offering up to 71% discounts on over 10 instrument and effect plugins until June 22nd, 2020.



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