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SoundHack releases Pvoc Kit


SoundHack recently released Pvoc Kit, a new plug-in bundle that combines time stretching, pitch shifting, soundfile looping and phase distortion into four easy to use, sonically rich plugins.

The plugins of the Pvoc Kit bundle are:

  • +pitchsift - a pitch shifter and MIDI harmonizer with spectral gating.
  • +spiralstretch - a multilayer, realtime 1x to 100x time stretcher with granular and phase vocoder stretching.
  • +phasemash - ring modulation, robot sounds, ambient washes, spectral scrambling.
  • +pvocloop - a four-voice soundfile looper with time stretching, pitch shifting and MIDI control.

All of the plugins of Pvoc Kit extend the classic granular synthesis and phase vocoder techniques to create rich new sonic textures. The plugins each have a small number of powerful controls designed to quickly access a large variety of sounds. Pvoc Kit can be automated by MIDI controller messages.

Pricing & Availability

The Pvoc Kit plug-ins are currently running as VST, RTAS and Audio Unit on Mac OS X and VST on Windows. 64-bit is under development. The list price is $99.00 and can be ordered for direct download from www.soundhack.com.



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