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Xils-Lab releases Analog String Machines Bundle


Xils-Lab has announced the release of Analog String Machines Bundle, which combines two Paraphonic instruments, Xils V+ and X-505, for a better price.

More than simply 2 String Machines, you'll also get an analog Vocoder, a polyphonic analog Synthesizer, 2 analog Choirs engines, an analog Bass synthesizer. You can layer up to 3 sources in each instrument.

Add to this 2 different rich analog BBD Chorus units, a raw Phaser, a vintage Reverb and a Stereo Space effect. Which can all be used as VST effects on any source in your DAW.

Xils-Lab says:

Paraphony and TOD Oscillator represent a specific timeframe of early analog synthesis. A single TOD Oscillator (Top Octave Divider) oscillating at very high frequency is used. This technique allowed huge polyphony for a low price at a time when polyphonic analog synthesizers were awfully expensive. Paraphony also means that filters and envelopes are monophonic. Therefore, Paraphonic instruments not only offer some specific playing techniques, but also an unique sound, with no oscillator drift, which can't be replicated by samples, or other usual VA synthesis algorithms.

This is the sound used by many synthesizer wizards like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk now brought back to you by Xils-Lab with these two emulations of iconic instruments.

Intro Prices (until February 29th, 2020):

  • String Machine Bundle: 119€ (Normally 199€ instead of 298€ when purchased separately).
  • Upgrade from V+ to String Machine Bundle: 39€ instead of 59€.


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