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SpeedSoft releases VSampler v3.52


SpeedSoft has updated VSampler to v3.52.


  • Added: General MIDI 1 compatibility when "GM Mode" is enabled (Options --> MIDI Preferences --> Bank Options):
    • Volume reset to 100 instead of 127 (GM mode only).
    • MIDI controller 11 (Expression) supported by default (GM mode only).
    • MIDI controller 7 (Volume) follows logarithmic instead of linear curve (GM mode only).
    • The "MIDI Panic" button now does a full GM reset incl. instruments reset when in GM mode: MIDI channel 10 to standard drumkit, the other channels to Piano.
    • To reset controllers and instruments, be sure to click the "MIDI Panic" button before you play the next song.
  • Fixed: wrong handling of "Reset All Controllers" MIDI message:
    • No reset for Volume (#7) and Pan (#10) anymore as suggested by the MMA, if you want to manually reset Volume and Pan click at the little red "MIDI Panic" button in the upper right corner of VSampler (see screenshot above).
    • Expression (#11) was initialized with the generic value "0" instead of the Volume-like value "127", which made it impossible to add your own Expression handling at VSampler's "Mod" page because initial value "0" means silence (as long as no Expression value was received, e.g. after loading your library).
  • Fixed: Ogg Vorbis export (menu File --> Archive --> embedded samples compressed) produced empty samples sometimes.


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