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SpeedSoft VSampler updated to v3.0.4


Speedsoft have updated VSampler to v3.0.4.


  • Added new easy way to import instruments into the current bank, just Drag'n'Drop instrument or bank files from the Windows Explorer:
    • to one of VSampler's 16 MIDI slots and it will play the instrument at this MIDI channel immediately, for bank-files which include more than one instrument it will let you select the one to be imported, works in Small View and Edit View.
    • to the Instruments-Pool of the Edit View to add it into the pool, without replacing the complete bank, without using the Import Rack.
  • DXi & VSTi: Added "Save bank with host project" option (Options --> Environment), i.e. no need to save a separate .VS3 bank file anymore, all settings are saved directly in the song file, linked samples are automatically created if they don't exist yet.
  • Added new Selection-Group comfort to Zones-page context menu (right mouse key):
    • "Auto select Group": if you select a Zone which is part of an existing Selection-Group all Zones of this group are selected automatically.
    • "Display": allows to hide certain Groups from the display for easier editing of layered instruments.
  • Added cursor up/down key navigation to Small View: up/down steps through the 16 MIDI slots, Ctrl + up/down changes instrument at the current MIDI slot on-the-fly.
  • Fixed: .GIG import, Layer Crossfades sometimes didn't import correctly.
  • Fixed: DXi-only problem: Bank Change commands were always executed on MIDI channel 1, ignoring the correct channel number.
  • Improved import handling, Import Rack setting "REPLACE Instruments Slot" doesn't replace the instrument slot but uses the next free slot if the current instrument is assigned to a MIDI channel at the moment.
  • Fixed: Occasional access violation when triggering the Pattern Sequencer by external MIDI.
  • Fixed: Quickbrowser view "Disk Browser" now supports all known file types to be imported by drag'n'drop or double click (previously only SF2 and VS3/VSB).
  • Fixed: waveform behind the transparent envelope always displayed complete waveform, ignoring a sample offset applied in the sample editor.
  • Changed: ALL NOTES OFF now less aggressive (sustained notes do survive), to make it compatible with MIDI keyboards which send ALL NOTES OFF commands when all keys are released while playing.
  • Fixed: wrong numbering of the VSampler instance under Cubase SX 2, when loading SX 1 VSampler songs and Rewire installed.


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