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SpeedSoft VSampler v2.75 released


SpeedSoft have updated VSampler to v2.75:
  • AKAI CD Import: double clicking on an AKAI partition/volume imports the complete partition/volume.
  • New button "Search Dirs" in dialog "Find Sample", for not-found samples this button tells VSampler to search inside a directory and it's subdirectories, i.e. it's enough to just point to the drive letter's root.
  • Fixed AKAI CD import problem: missing AKAI partitions on some AKAI S-1000 CD's.
  • Fixed DXi problem with Pitchbend (Sonar 2.1 required, the update is free for Sonar 2.0 user).
  • Fixed DXi problem: after stopping the song in Sonar some users had problems with hanging notes (in both Multi-Mode and Preset-Mode).
  • Fixed SF2 import problem: instruments of the "percussive pool" had not been imported to a dedicated bank, thus sometimes overwriting other instruments at the same program-number.
  • Fixed SF2 import problem: for multiple-used samples loops were not activated for all copies of a sample.
  • Fixed: problem with streaming of "linked samples".


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