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Steinberg updates WaveLab to v9.5.30


Steinberg has updated WaveLab to v9.5.30.


  • Meters:
    • The Phasescope includes new styles such as Particules and Filament, a Remanence setting and anti-aliasing graphics.
    • The Bit Meter now also displays the bit density.

Issues resolved:

  • Batch Conversion: It is now possible to open the File Selector within the Batch Conversion tool.
  • DDP Player: The DDP Player no longer produces click sounds while positioning the cursor through a song.
  • Format:
    • Loading m4a files no longer freezes the application.
    • Mp3 files with a sample rate of 22kHz or below are no longer missing samples at the start of the file.
  • GUI: The button to un-maximize a window now works as expected (Windows only).
  • Master Section: The Master Section level meter is no longer out of sync with the audio playback when using high-latency Clip or Track effects in the Audio Montage.
  • Meta Normalizer:
    • The Meta Normalizer no longer fails to adjust the Master Section output level.
    • The Meta Normalizer now works as expected also in WaveLab Elements.
  • Meters: Loudness Meter now works as expected for surround files.
  • Others: Option to hide plug-in windows when Master Section is not visible now works as expected.
  • Playback: Active/inactive state of the playback speed button is now persistent when restarting WaveLab.
  • Plug-ins: VST2 Ambisonics plug-ins now work as expected.
  • Selection: It is now possible to set a range selection with key commands.
  • Stability: Creating a DDP image with a resampling rate other than 44.1kHz no longer renders the application unreliable.


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