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Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.12.0 - $11 for 24 hours

Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth to v2.12.0. It's currently on offer for $11 for 24 hours.

Version 2.12 features a new GUI which includes two new dials and sixteen backgrounds which can be assigned to any panel on the interface. Also included is a new settings page, as well as a new Reverb Pro page. New settings are included which control the quality and efficiency of the audio processor and selecting minimal settings provide a 40% increase in CPU band width.


  • New GUI for the Pro version only, with two new dial selections and multiple panel selections.
  • New Reverb Pro effects page with additional controls for Room Size, modulated Reverb Time and built-in multi-mode filters on all echo channels.
  • New Settings page with precise control over internal processor parameters. Minimal settings compared to high quality settings boost CPU by 40%.
  • Add phase option to wave draw panel which allows the entire waveform to be dragged horizontally to the left or right. This is useful to change the alignment and cycle starting point of imported waveforms.
  • Added two more glide modes, always up and always down. Always up starts from an octave below a non-adjacent note, and always down starts an octave above a non-adjacent note.
  • Fixed the Wave Table Load All button so it loads all wave positions in the same order as the files appear in the wave browser.
  • Changed the wave table load all function so that it starts loading wave files from the first one selected even if it is not the first in the folder.
  • Changed envelope view so segments can be added by dragging from the left edge toward the center like in the wave draw envelope view, and same for the keyboard tracking envelope.
  • Change processor for host automation so changes in value from the host are interpolated across the sample block thus eliminating clicks for fast changing parameter values from the host function.
  • Fixed modulation amount dial graphics so they correctly show value range and modulation range when the dial is modulated.
  • Fixed host automation for oscillator partials dial and distortion dials.
  • Fixed envelope push so it works for the last segment.
  • Fixed the note display so it does not miss fast notes.
  • Reduced memory footprint of wave table oscillator to less than a quarter of the previous size by sharing resources between wave draw windows.
  • Eliminated time delay after a new wave table oscillator is dropped into the signal flow view by sharing resources between wave draw windows.
  • Fixed the signal flow view so the audio mode of units does not change unless the unit icon is clicked for the second time. If the mouse leaves the signal flow view and comes back to click on a component it will not change the audio mode unless it is clicked again.
  • Change the default modulation type for added modulations so it is set intelligently based on what is being modulated. The default modulation type.
  • is changed from multiply to add so in most cases the first icon displayed does not look like a delete button. If the target dial is bipolar such as pan, pitch bend or fine tune the default modulation type is bipolar. If the target dial is master volume or oscillator volume then the default modulation type is multiply.
  • Improved the audio processor so it can handle a master effect such as reverb being routed into a voice channel effect such as a filter. Per voice modulations triggered by note will now be played on each voice if the filter is modulated when it comes after reverb or digital delay in the signal flow.
  • Improved the precision of the wave draw Gaussian filter and its ability to catch very fast edges in the envelope if the cutoff frequency is modulated.
  • Fixed host automation of Frequency Pulse oscillator Volume and Phase controls to eliminate clicking.
  • Fixed host automation of oscillator Detune Fine, Detune Amount parameters to eliminate clicking.
  • Fixed host automation of Wave Table Volume to eliminate clicking.
  • Fixed host automation of Global Pitch parameter to eliminate clicking.
  • Fixed host automation of all global panel parameters to update properly, including Master Volume and Pitch Bend.
  • Fixed the master volume dial so the audio level changes while it is moved.


Discussion: Active
Ambient Mechanics
Ambient Mechanics
3 July 2018 at 4:32pm

@ KVR: The above post was made on 29th June 2018 and clearly states this is being offered at the reduced price of only $11 for 24 hours. So what's the point of telling us about this offer in the KVR Newsletter, sent today July 2, 2018? A little "after the fact" isn't it?

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