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Syntler updates Drumper VST Drum Machine for Windows to v2.5


Syntler has updated Drumper, a drum machine with pattern morphing function, to v2.5. It now contains 774 rhythmic patterns, an improved FX processor and many new features.


  • Improved FX processor. Now you can edit effect parameters for each of seven FX-keys for each preset.
  • Added two drumsets for downloadable wav files. Now drumsets 17 and 19 are Program Change sensitive. Now you can use different samples for each preset.
  • Swing parameter (0 - 100%).
  • Humanize parameter. This makes the "uneven play".
  • Added one more LFO oscillator.
  • Changed filters unit. Now you have 2 filters for each drumset combination.
  • Now patterns 1-6 are Program Change sensitive. Thus, it is possible to program up to 774 different patterns for one song (6 X 128 + 6).
  • Changed VARIATION function.
  • Changed RANDOM function. Randomization can be added in percentage now.
  • New SEQ LOOP function which allows you to repeat a short (1 to 8 steps) fragment of the sequence.
  • New ORDER function. Now you can play pattern steps in different order. For example, in the reverse direction.
  • Fixed DENSITY unit bug. Now it works correctly.
  • Fixed VOLUME control bug (for downloadable samples).

Price: $29.



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