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TAQS.IM releases World Synth v3.0 - adds Community Packs, Korg KMP Import & More


TAQS.IM has released version 3.0 of World Synth for iOS.

This new update includes the ability to upload and share your own custom sound and rhythm banks with the community and import your own custom Korg KMP, SFZ, WAV, and AIFF sounds. Additionally, you can now become a TAQS.IM Premium Subscription member to access all packs for one price along with any new sound packs that are released.

The update also includes a number of usability improvements, including the ability to scroll sounds and rhythms by category - allowing you to easily find the right bowed, plucked, keyboard, or wind instrument sound to use. You can also now globally tune the app so you can break from 440hz and tune the drone to your instrument, 432hz or whatever you'd like.

Changes in v3:

  • Upload and Share Your Own Custom Sounds and Rhythm Banks with the Community.
  • Become a TAQSIM Premium Member to Access all packs for one price.
  • Download Community Packs.
  • Sound Store Redesign.
  • Organize Your Sounds by Category.
  • Create Custom User Banks.
  • Login and Create Your User Profile.
  • Import Korg KMP Format Sounds.
  • Import AIFF Format Loops.
  • Globally Tune the App.
  • Faster Startup Time.
  • Various Bug Fixes and Improvements.


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