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Tascam releases GigaStudio v3.20


Tascam has released version 3.2 of GigaStudio.

New Features:

  • GigaViolin Support: Version 3.20 or higher is required to load and play the GigaViolin .gig instrument.
  • Improved Efficiency with 24-bit Instruments: Changes have been made to the sampler engine providing for 20% - 35% more efficiency, depending on the extent of filter usage (DEF & PRF included) in the 24-bit instruments being played.
  • Export Mapped Instruments to Text: By selecting View > "Bank/Patch Manager" or Right-Mouse-Clicking in the loaded instrument pane and selecting "Bank/Patch Manager", you'll see an "Export Patches to File" button, which outputs a tab delimited file with (bank, patch, instrument name) info for each mapped instrument suitable to be dropped into a DAW for bank/patch assignments. A check box next to the button labeled "Port/Channel Detail" changes the exported data to show (bank, patch, port, channel, instrument number, instrument name, and instrument gig file) for each mapped instrument. The data is tab delimited suitable for import into a spreadsheet. This allows documenting performance configurations.

Main App Maintenance Items:

  • Incorrect dependencies between Envelope 1 and Envelope 2 which could cause incorrect decays have been corrected.
  • Rare instances of GigaStudio crashing when rendering GigaPulse through groups have been fixed.
  • Previously the "Rebuild this folder recursively" function in the Quick Sound database would not rebuild all the folders within the selected folder. This has been fixed and status indication has been added.
  • Rare instances of instruments linked on Multi-Ports with release triggers having their releases get terminated prematurely, and possibly causing a pop, have been fixed.
  • Rare instances of a scroll bar in the MIDI Mixer not appearing when it should, have been fixed.
  • Possible causes of noise burst with some instruments have been reduced.
  • Possible causes of instability have been reduced.
  • MIDI and iMIDI handling has been improved.
  • DEF and PRF handling have been improved.
  • The QuickSound database has been enhanced for stability.

Known Issue:

  • All PRF instruments on a stack will inherit the default Portamento time of the most recently instrument loaded, regardless of their independent values on initialization.


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