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Thenatan updates Vybz Lofi Multi Fx Plugin to v1.1.0


Thenatan has announced the release of Vybz 1.1.0. The update is free for all VYBZ license holders.

The new version of this Lofi Multi-Fx plugin comes with these changes:

  • New: Mix knob.
  • New: Randomizer with lock feature.
  • New: Global Bypass button.
  • New: Speed & Mix controls for VHS.
  • New: 3 way switch for Duck, Normal, and Follow.
  • New: Threshold for Duck.
  • New: VYBZ now supports mono / stereo, for Logic, Cubase, and any DAW that supports mono Fx plugins.
  • Changes: 2 Band's bypass button now bypasses both Eq & dYnamic Eq.
  • Improved: UI & visualizations (new icons, bypassed modules now grays out and looks darker).
  • Improved: Plugin load time improved by 66%.
  • Improved: Time Machine's sound quality improved.
  • Improved: Crusher sound quality smoothed out.
  • Improved: Duck and Normal mode now sounds more musical. Code clean-up, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Sale: Vybz is available for $29.50 until the end of March at Thenatan and Adsrsounds stores.



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