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Tobybear MiniHost v1.0.6 released


Tobybear has updated MiniHost to v1.0.6.

  • Numerical input of speed values and BPM is now possible by clicking on the text labels with the value.
  • CC bug when preset switching fixed.
  • Improved color detection scheme for dark GUIs.
  • New option "Generate Debug File" to assist users with driver problems/crashes.
  • Improved display of plugins without GUI: clicking anywhere in the slider area is now possible to set a value, more than 6 parameters can now be displayed (scrollbar).
  • Improved naming of text labels.
  • New slider design for the GUI.
  • More detailed log file.
  • Changed order of plugin menus for better accessibility.
  • CC-Mapper not shown for plugins with no parameters.
  • VST-Spy scanning algorithm improved and scanned plugins are now written to the log file.
  • Currently scanned plugin is now also the one displayed in the scanning box.
  • After quick scan, plugin that no longer exist will be automatically removed from the list.
  • Scanned plugin list is saved to the correct folder now.
  • ASIO info is now written to the log file when the info button is pressed.


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