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Tobybear MiniHost v1.0 released


Tobybear has released v1.0 of MiniHost.

Changes between MiniHost 1.0beta5 and 1.0 final:


  • Manual updated to include all new features.
  • Support for MiniHost extensions (*.MH) that provide additional functionality, the first extensions will be published soon.

ASIO engine:

  • ASIO conversion routines improved.
  • Improved setting/changing of samplerate.
  • Improved shutdown procedure.

VST host engine:

  • Downmix to stereo works now, no more CPU spikes.
  • Increased VST compatibility.
  • Correct sending of tempo and PPQ/song position, making Albino, Ravity, Ensembler and many other PPQ dependent plugins work.
  • 4Front VSTi modules are working now.
  • Plugins that don't support processReplacing work fine now.
  • VST plugins with no programs supported.
  • Luxonix Ravity should work fine now in MiniHost.


  • VSTSpy scanning algorithm drastically improved.
  • "Load Instrument" and "Load Effect" now start VSTSpy if plugins have not yet been scanned.
  • No more crashes when closing MiniHost while VSTSpy is still scanning.


  • New GUI design ("flat style").
  • GUI color bugfixes for the menus.
  • Auto-skin and color scheme improvements.
  • Display of plugins improved for smaller screens.
  • Optional setting for resizable main window ("ResizableMainWindow" in MiniHost.ini).
  • Improved drag n' drop behaviour.

MID/WAV player/recorder:

  • Improved MIDI/WAV file loader.
  • MID and WAV playlists are now saved properly.
  • New play modes for MIDI and WAV:
    1. stop after playback.
    2. play same file again (= old loop mode).
    3. play next file in playlist.
    4. play random file from playlist.
  • No more errors if trying to play an empty playlist.
  • Support for MIDI and WAV playlist files (*.MPL, *.WPL), which are simple text files with the location of each file to load.
  • Timing of MIDI playback improved.
  • Tempo/position changes in MIDI player improved.
  • WAV recording improved, if no filename is set, it is requested on recording (this includes clicking on the GUI WAV record icon).
  • Several WAV and MID files can now be opened or removed in one step.

MIDI Tools:

  • Tempo synchronization improved.
  • MIDI input options for chord maker, step sequencer and gate now also available in the MIDI-Tools window.

Computer keyboard/virtual keys:

  • New computer keyboard controls:
    left shift + key plays note one octave lower.
    right shift + key plays note one octave higher.
    left ctrl + key plays note a bit softer (velocity 70).
    right ctrl + key plays note a bit louder (velocity 127).
    default velocity is now 100.
  • Virtual keyboard closing bug fixed.
  • Resize window bug with disabled virtual keyboard fixed.
  • Redrawing of virtual keyboard improved.
  • Keyboard settings now stored in the plugin ini file.


  • Preset does no longer change when bank is saved.
  • Preset and bank loader now in one file dialog.
  • Preset management improved, proper error message for wrong preset files.
  • Preset name in title bar works again.

VSTSpy standalone has also been updated to 1.5, adding the new scanning algorithm and fixing some nasty bugs.

MiniHost is donationware, which means the program is totally unrestricted except for one daily reminder box on program start. By donating any amount of money, you will receive a reg code that removes the nag box and puts your name in the program's about box.



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